Milo Blass is an internationally operating marketing consulting boutique based in Zurich. Have a chat with MiloBlassGPT or see if we are in the room.

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We enable our clients to navigate in the triangle of AI-automatisation, measurable performances and creative advertisement

We call it: 

△ agile aligned advertising

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Client questions we answered with yes:

Can you help me grow my brand sustainably

Can you make my business decisions smarter with data? Can AI speed up our marketing? 

Can you build an AI chatbot that responds in our brand-language? Can you produce a newsletter our customers read with joy? Can you find us a suitable influencer? Can you come up with a guiding idea that works for Gen Z? 

Can you help us build a genuinely sustainable brand that leads to a measurable uplift in perception? Do we need TikTok? Can you join the shooting? Can you provide a full service

Can you support our people in managing agencies? Can you visualise complex data sets? Can you make the logo bigger?

Which of your questions can we

answer with yes?

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All Milo Blass products are created in dark mode, to reduce the amount of light emitted by the screen, potentially resulting in a slight decrease in electricity consumption.

△ agile aligned advertising 

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